Our Educators

Von Smalley

Von Smalley began his career as an English teacher at the Noble Charter schools scoring the highest academic growth on state standardized tests in Chicago for multiple years. After 5 years of using a discussion-based teaching model to lead to tremendous student academic success, Mr. Smalley was recruited to Kansas City to become a Vice Principal where he helped turn around the worse high school in Kansas City. Mr. Smalley has a Bachelor’s in English Professional Writing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, a post-bac in Finance from Northwestern University, a Master’s from Johns Hopkins in Secondary Education, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Indiana University BloomingtonMr. Smalley now lives in Miami, Florida where he now focuses on owning real estate and other small business ventures. He is currently obtaining his CompTIA A+ certification.

Camisha Adams

Camisha Adams is an accomplished individual with a passion for education and a heart for serving others. With over 15 years of experience in education, Camisha has built an impressive resume that includes roles as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. A graduate of the University of Houston, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain & Logistics Technology, with a minor in Dance. She also has several certifications, including Education for Early Childhood through Sixth, Education for Special Education through Twelfth, and Education for English as a Second Language, in addition to a Master’s in Business Administration-Energy Leadership from Texas A&M.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the ever-changing educational landscape. As Head of School, Camisha provides an innovative, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for all students. She believes education should be transformative and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication, working closely with teachers, staff, and parents to ensure each student receives the support they need to succeed. Camisha leads with integrity, transparency, and inspiration, always willing to support others. She is committed to creating a culture of respect, responsibility, and accountability in which all students can develop into responsible global citizens.

Chavonté Wright

Chavonté Wright is from Texas. She received her BA in Sociology, Cum Laude from Rice University in 2016 and MA in Sociology from Indiana University in 2021. Prior to graduate school, her interests in self/education/student wellness led to community organizing, classroom teaching, and work in college access. Currently an academic and artist, her work explores the ways we make our interior lives visible. Her work has been funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Social Science Research Foundation (SSRC), and the Houston Art Alliance of the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

Dr. CleRenda McGrady

Dr. CleRenda McGrady is a wife, mother of four, philanthropist, teacher, and entrepreneur. As the founder of ReNew Coaching Center, McGrady is a firm believer that when we renew our thoughts, we transform our lives. McGrady is also the founder and director of PUSH Girls Academy (PGA),  a high school girl’s mentoring and scholarship program. PGA supports, empowers, and develops young ladies to become (P)urpose-led, (U)nstoppable, (S)uccess-bound, and (H)ope-filled so they can have the confidence to compete, lead, succeed, and soar in an evolving and demanding world. McGrady’s program is built around providing the young ladies the “Three E’s” of experience, examples, and exposure to showcase what is available, obtainable, and accessible for them to dream big.

Jessica Otero

Jessica is passionate about Spanish education and has a wealth of knowledge in the field. She has successfully increased student attendance, teacher retention, and sport participation and holds multiple educational certifications. She is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and create a positive learning environment. Her passion and expertise are an asset to any educational setting, and she is committed to leveraging her knowledge in order to provide the best possible learning experience. Jessica is also an enthusiastic promoter of cultural diversity, and she seeks to use her experience to bridge gaps and foster understanding between cultures. She is an advocate for the importance of learning a new language, and she has a deep understanding of how it can open up new opportunities for students. She is eager to help students reach their highest potential, and she is committed to providing a positive, enriching learning experience.

University of Alcala de Henares
Master Spanish Education & Curriculum Design | 2019-2020
Thesis: Curriculum design for the University of North Florida’s Spanish Department; Spanish Cultural and Language Course.

University of North Florida
Bachelor Spanish Studies of LA & Professional Ed. | 2013-2015
Grade: Magna Cum Laude President of Sigma Delta P

Kristin Braxton

Kristin Braxton is a passionate educator, advocate for children, and committed community leader from Fayetteville, NC. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Fayetteville State University and continues to pursue professional development in the education field. Kristin is dedicated to creating a better future for children and is a strong believer in the power of education to shape their lives. She is a tireless advocate for children’s rights and works to create a safe and positive learning environment for students of all backgrounds and abilities. Kristin is an active member of the community, volunteering her time and energy to support local initiatives and organizations. She is committed to making a difference in her community and to helping foster a brighter future for all.

Kristina Perez

Kristina is an experienced, relational executive with a demonstrated history of designing programs, fostering development opportunities, and taking concepts from inception to implementation. For over twenty years, Kristina has served her community from teacher to non-profit leadership to school district administration to serving as CEO of an educational company, and currently works for the Houston Community College Foundation. 

Kristina has four children from age thirteen to twenty-four and has lived in Houston since 2010. She loves to volunteer, gives generously of her time and talents, loves to read, attends community events, and is a rescue cat mom. 

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Special Education and a Master of Education in Educational Psychology, all from Texas A&M University. Kristina is certified for secondary education (6th through 12th grade) in psychology and general special education, with an emphasis on behavior. 

As a volunteer, she has served with the American Business Women’s Association since 2015 and is current VP with the Federation of Houston Professional Women. She also is a member of Latinas-N-Heels, the Daughters of Abraham, and the Anti-Defamation League. Kristina dedicates herself to making the world better, as her strength is relational intelligence. She contributes to the community through volunteerism and serves as a community connector. 

Kristina was honored as a 2022 FHPW Woman of Excellence and serves as current president of the CyFair Express Network of ABWA. She serves on the board of Shield-Bearer Counseling, as secretary.

Dr. Andrew Green

Dr. Andrew Green has been a guest panelist/speaker on several occasions at Rice University, discussing STEM in Sports. He is a product of the culture of excellence that permeates Texas A&M University. He holds a doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine and postgraduate certifications in Acupuncture and Medical Neurodiagnostics. As an undergraduate, he was chosen to conduct chemical research at Princeton University and conducted combinatorial petite research in the Dept. of Entomology at Texas A&M University. As an industry chemist he served roles as water treatment chemist, polymer resin chemist and cosmetic formulations chemist. As a healthcare professional, Dr. Green has diagnosed and treated several NFL, NBA and NCAA athletes.

Lily Olshinski

Lily Olshinski is an alum of North Carolina State University, where she studied mathematics and education from 2019-2021. She is currently finishing her degree in education at Western GovernorsUniversity and is also employed as a Mathematics Tutor and Mentor at Sylvan. Previously, she served as a Youth Leadership Mentor for Davidson County Community College (2018-2019) and a Youth Leadership & Mathematics Mentor at North Carolina State University (2019-2020). As a private Mathematics Tutor since 2016, Lily has also worked as a Mathematics Interventionist (2021-2022) and is certified in many educational tools. Her expertise and passion for teaching has helped countless students reach their academic potential.

Madeline Lench

Madeline Lench is a certified professional educator from Orlando, Florida. She has been teaching in a professional setting for over four years, specializing in General Education K-6, Reading K-12, TESOL K-12, and Educational Leadership. In May 2019, Madeline graduated from Cornerstone University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, TESOL. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education degree in Educational Leadership from The University of West Florida Online, set to graduate in May 2023. Madeline has experience teaching in all grade levels and across numerous subject areas, with a particular passion for Language Arts and Mathematics. Her dream is to build a private hybrid school in Central Florida that will encourage students of all ages to dream big and pursue their passions, while simultaneously growing in academic strength and integrity.

Rebecca Rodgers

Rebecca Rodgers is an educator with nineteen years in the field. During this time, she has held the role of teacher, curriculum writer, professional development facilitator, and mentor. She is passionate about educating children and creating engaging materials and lessons that inspire them to do their best. She fell in love with teaching reading while in college. She has pooled that same love in teaching her own children how to read at early ages. She has been asked to mentor high school students in advanced academic programs and collegiate student teachers working toward their degree in education. She has also written curriculum for science and social studies and led training in those areas. Ms. Rodgers earned her degree from Lamar University, is currently completing her Master of Education and is state certified to teach through the State Board for Educator Certification in Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading, drawing and painting. Some of her work has been featured in a local magazine and art exhibit in her hometown.

Shamika Baylor

Shamika Baylor, a proud graduate of Fontbonne University with a Master of Business Administration and a dual-major Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Missouri Baptist University, brings her expertise and passion to the students and faculty at PSAT Academy. With 18 years of experience, she regards it as a privilege to serve the students and faculty at PSAT Academy. In addition to her role at PSAT Academy, she is a co-owner of Lift Life Technology and is actively involved in various volunteer initiatives. Shamika is a proud wife to Terry Baylor and mother to three children, Elizabeth, Terrance, and Noah, and enjoys baking, gardening, jewelry-making, and reading. Driven by a passion to help others succeed, Shamika Baylor is dedicated to empowering both students and clients in reaching their goals with unwavering commitment.