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PSAT Academy, our students succeed in a supportive and engaging learning environment. Apply now for elementary, middle or high school admission and give your child the best start in their academic journey. For middle school and high school admissions, we offer a well-rounded curriculum and dedicated teachers to help students reach their full potential. Early enrollment starts soon, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply now and secure your child’s future!

About Admissions

Elementary School Admission

For elementary school students it foundation, foundation and foundation.  We access your child’s strengths and weaknesses during our application process. After assessment and records review, we create a unique pathway for success to succeed that its customized for the individual needs or your child. A solid foundation in mathematics, critical thinking, ELA and science exploration provides strong background for students to excel in middle school. 

Middle School Admission

Middle school is all about preparation for high school. Our assessment goals during the middle school admissions process are focused on identifying any skills gaps and high achievement areas. We want to inspire and challenge our students to reach their full potential and set the stage for them to go into high school with the needed skill sets to succeed. 

High School Admission

The goal of high school is to amass the credits needed to first jumpstart the future and present career aspirations of the student.  Second, the high school years should fulfill the core and elective courses threshold that some of the best universities in the United States require for admission. Our admission process of high school students includes reviewing academic records for GPA, course credits and academic rigor. For student-athletes we also closely evaluate the students records to make sure that they are on pace to complete the 16 core-course NCAA requirements to play Division I & II collegiate sports.  

Application Submission & Status

We provide comprehensive resources to help you prepare to join the PSAT Family, including information on previous academic records review, core and elective course equivalency, assessment testing, and accomodations. Additionally, you will have opportunities to engage with our admissions and financial aid staff for further assistance.

Financial Aid

We want every family to succeed at PSAT Academy. Explore several options we have that may help address your family needs. 

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