PSAT Excellence

We believe education should be a two way process of enlightenment, where energy is transferred continuously between the facilitator and the students. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is always conserved, meaning energy is never created or destroyed. Energy can be transferred or converted into one form or another. In a educational culture where there is constant virtual or in-person positive energy transfer, students can develop with limitless potential.  Our team of distinguished and gifted Texas A&M University alumni advisors, partners and educators are committed to supporting the student in his or her journey to greatness. It’s an Aggie thing!

Director of Education Administration: Camisha Adams, MBA, Texas A&M University; Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology & Logistics, University of Houston 

I am a native of the island of Jamaica and a Houstonian growing up. I am the middle sibling of three, a daughter to an amazingly strong woman, a mother of two and a wife. My Mother’s drive propelled us to the “Land of opportunity. Her faith guided us through tough times in the states, and her moxie made us resiliant. I began my elementary education in the states in 2nd grade. Growing up in Alief, Texas wasn’t easy. In search of a fresh start, my family and I moved out to the newly developing city of Katy when I was fifteen. After gaining my High School Diploma from Katy High School, I ventured to the University of Houston Main Campus with my sights set on becoming an Industrial Engineer. After six years of course work, a few internships, and a shift in my career pathway I joyfully completed my course work. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain & Logistics Engineering Technology and a Minor in Dance on May 10th 2008 from the University of Houston. After graduation I attempted a few industry temp positions but was unsatisfied. I longed for a career that would grant me interpersonal relationships, flexibility, onward thinking, continued development, growth and movement. I then became a full-time contract dance instructor for Vibe Dance and Fitness in Houston. I taught a variety of dance genres: Ballet/Tap combination, Creative Movement, Jazz, Hip-Hop, beginner Ballroom and Salsa classes. After five years of teaching dance, I realized that educating others has been a passion I couldn’t ignore any longer and becoming certified was necessary.

Through A+ Texas Teachers I completed the program and gained my certifications in Early Childhood through sixth, Special Education through twelfth, and English as a Second Language during the month of February 2013. During this time of transition, I gained two years as an Early Childhood Paraprofessional at Gabriela Mistral and three years of experience as a Prekindergarten educator at MacGregor Elementary School through HISD. After teaching for five years, I returned to school and obtained my Masters in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. After graduation I became an educator and an instructional math coach for the Spring Independent School District for an additional six years. I am well versed in MAPS Assessments and Skills, ISEE, E-Learning, Google Meets, Google Classroom, and Blackboard.

I believe that “Our Tomorrow” depends on the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of our youth. A tomorrow where individuals demonstrate exceptional knowledge, share their profound wisdom, and upholds a proud definition of self. I believe that taking a balanced approach-a fusion of academic excellence, social development and character maturity- is effective in grooming students into well rounded individuals. When these talents are fostered, each student will emerge with important life skills. Creating something new that offers students a chance to fill in the missing piece or develop further is a step towards progress. I have seen many districts and home school programs try to meet the needs of developing our children by offering only parts. We all know that for a program, system or machine to work all components are needed. As a result, so many students are lost in the shuffle, their minds limited and career paths altered or holted. Wanting more for our children and having the courage to make the change is what I offer. Coming aboard this new platform I can apply innovative solutions, dedication, diligence and my skill sets. I joyfully embrace the new, the change and a better educational platform.

Educational Board Member: Ashanti Johnson, Ph.D., Radio-Chemical Oceanography, Texas A&M University 

Dr. Ashanti Johnson is the first female African American to earn a doctoral degree in radio-chemical oceanography from Texas A&M University. Dr. Johnson has also made several notable contributions to stem education, which earned her the 2010 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering from President Barak Obama. Since that time, she has sustained the Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Science (MS PHD’S) Professional Development Mentoring Institute and served as the founding CEO/Superintendent of Cirrus Academy, a statewide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) charter school system in Georgia. 

Currently, Johnson is a professional speaker on topics of diversity and inclusion in higher education, Youth STEM advocacy, and workplace equity. She previously served as an associate professor of chemistry at Fort Valley State University and an associate professor of environmental science and assistant vice provost at the University of Texas at Arlington and executive director of the Institute for Broadening Participation. She also held faculty positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, the Savannah State University Marine Science Program, the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, the University of Texas at Arlington Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Mercer University Department of Education

Educational Board Member: Monica Green, Ed.D, Texas A&M University

Dr. Monica Neblett Green has worked in both public education and charter for almost 30 years. Experienced as an Elementary and SecondaryPrincipal for the past 11 years in Omaha’s lowest performing schools. In 2 years during her first principleship, Dr. Green raised Writing scores 21 percentage points and this continued annually at a growth of more than 5% each year. Dr. Green has served on the district’s hiring team and the district’s contract negotiations team. Dr. Green has served multiple years on the district’s team for the development of the Student Code of Conduct. In a recent assignment, Dr. Green has moved teacher retention from 13% down to 4%. Dr. Green is also an adjunct professor at Doane University; teaching Diversity, Equity and Leadership. She also serves on the board of directors for The Union of Contemporary Arts. Dr. Green is a passionate leader and committed to ensuring the best educational experiences for today’s youth. 


Executive Board Member & Founder: Andrew Green, DC, MBA; Bachelor’s Degree, Chemistry, Texas A&M University; MBA, Texas A&M University; Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine, Texas Chiropractic College; Postgraduate Studies – Neuroscience, Carrick Institute; Postgraduate Studies – Acupuncture, National University of Health Sciences

Dr. Andrew Green has been a guest panelist/speaker on several occasions at Rice University, discussing STEM in Sports. He is a product of the culture of excellence that permeates Texas A&M University. He holds a doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine and postgraduate certifications in Acupuncture and Medical Neurodiagnostics. As an undergraduate, he was chosen to conduct chemical research at Princeton University and conducted combinatorial peptide research in the Dept. of Entomology at Texas A&M University. As an industry chemist he served roles as water treatment chemist, polymer resin chemist and cosmetic formulations chemist. As a health care professional, Dr. Green has diagnosed and treated several NFL, NBA and NCAA athletes.

Dr. Green is a firm believer in the transformational power of a well-designed education, whether virtual, homeschool, private or public. One of Dr. Green’s greatest sources of inspiration in his life was being mentored and loved by his beloved uncle, who helped to integrate Texas A&M University in 1963 as one of three African-American undergraduates to ever be accepted for enrollment into Texas A&M University. Dr. Green believes there is no such thing as a smart or dumb child, only one that has been nurtured and developed, while others have not been so fortunate. His accomplishments are many from being a Minister of Music, pianist, songwriter, guitarist, 3D animation, music producer, inventor to being an entrepreneur, but he believes his greatest accomplishment in life is his role as a loving father to his children. He loves to spend his free time either playing golf with his father or fishing with his sons, his father, family and friends. Dr. Green was a high school gymnast and pole vaulter, but has a deep passion for basketball that also runs deep in the DNA of all his sons.

Dr. Green wants to truly be a part of something special that GOD does for young student scholars through coaches, trainers, teachers, mentors, tutors, leaders and parents in the Greater-Houston area. He believes that the wisdom and resources he has gained from others over the years will be vital to the assessment, enrichment, development and success of students that matriculate through PSAT Academy.