About Us

We are an innovative school that formed to combine a flexible, yet rigorous comprehensive online synchronous private school education, with excellent in-person extra-curricular activities and in-demand career training and enrichment. We want to unlock imagination, creativity and abstract thinking in youth.  We want you to come up to our students and ask them “What were you thinking?” because of the way they galvanize fellow students, parents and the community with their ideas and thought processes. The pursuit of knowledge is at the heart of everything we do at PSAT Academy.

“There will be a lot of poor and left out in the present and future economy because the financially and emotionally rewarding careers will come from our ability to be creative, abstract thinkers, and problem-solving thinkers. If we were indeed made in the image of GOD, we kill the GOD in a child when we stifle their imagination, creativity and belief in themselves. When we kill their creativity, we subsequently squelch their congitive ability and energy to THINK.” PSAT Academy founder, Dr. Andrew Green

Rockefeller said, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”. That may or may not have been true in past economies but that philosophy won’t work in today’s economy where automation, programmed logic and robotics are constantly replacing workers.  Now the global economy requires THINKERS with unique skillsets and problem-solving abilities. 

Parents now have the option to both control the educational environment where their children learn without compromising academics or access to extracurricular activities for their sons or daughters.  PSAT XEA Academy (Preparatory Student Academic Training Academy) is an educational affiliate campus of Xavier Educational Academy (XEA), a private school currently in the Galleria/River Oaks area of Houston. PSAT-XEA Academy is an independent private school for academically talented students in grades 5th-12th who seek a rigorous yet flexible college preparatory program and are motivated to prepare for a life in which they can contribute significantly, responsibly, and respectfully in a global society. In its second year PSAT Academy has already fostered strong additional academic partnerships with Lone Star College – our high school dual credit partner organization and UniverseIT – our advanced computer science curriculum and IT partner.   

“In order for students to compete with domestic and international students for academic scholarships and career opportunities an effective model must be pursued, which should include a focused comprehensive academic program combined with increased daily time allotment for early career development, independent academic enrichment and extra-curricular passions.” PSAT Academy founder, Dr. Andrew Green

The average student’s day at PSAT-XEA consists of 4-5 hours of intense live online teacher-driven academic instruction, developement and enrichment in a flipped-classroom model.  An additional 2-4 hours of the school day is spent in-person developing and refining other desired extracurricular pursuits like sports, ballet, equestrian, robotics, coding, aviation training, debate, engineering, IT, neuro-diagnostics, electric vehicle technician training, artificial intelligence, machine learning, entrepreneurship, global economics and business finance. 

Our Mission & Vision

  • To see student loved and nurtured towards greatness from within
  • To unlock and cultivate high-level THINKING and confidence in our students 
  • Sustain an organizational culture where students thrive within their various passions
  • Sustain a growing network of educators, professionals and partner organizations that work together seamlessly, with no egos or private agendas, for the unselfish empowerment of students.  
  • To become a premier scaleable educational organization known around the world for the quality and character of our students, our commitment to excellence and our dedication to holistic youth  career development