We want every family to succeed at PSAT Academy

Full Tuition Discount Plan

For parents that are financially able to pay the full tuition up front, we have a discount that we will apply.  Pay the full tuition by August 15th and recieve a 5% discount off the tuition cost.

Full Tuition Payment Plan

For those that need to soften the financial burden of paying upfront tuition cost, we have a tuition installment payment plan that can spread the tuition patments over an 8-month payment plan. A 5% administrative fee will be added to the total tuition cost for payment plans.

Student Wage-Match Program

For parents that qualify for need-based financial aid through our third party, we have our new wage-match program for high school students 16 and older. This is a great way for high school students to help invest in their future. It teaches valuable principles that will benefit them for a lifetime.