Coach Leticia Kuhn – Volleyball Program Director

For all our PSAT Volleyball Pro Divisions, we will add sand volleyball training. Beach Volleyball is a great tool for players to develop footwork, quick feet, better their vertical, strength and have great conditioning. The earlier the players are introduced to Beach Volleyball, the better for them to build a strong foundation as Elite volleyball players.

Pro Cub Division is for boys and girls with little to no previous volleyball experience. Using a combination of fundamental athletic development, skill development, games, and strategy, our kids learn everything they need to begin their volleyball journey. We focus on breaking down each skill. With a lot of patience and instructions, these young student-athletes will learn how to overhand serve, pass, set and hit.

(Usually for ages 9yo – 12yo)

Pro Puma Division is for student-athletes who have surpassed the level or age of joining Pro Cub Division, but that still need work to polish the fundamental skills of the game and better their understanding of the game in general. This division is for intermediate level athletes working toward progressing their skills into the next level, the Pro Panther Division.

Each skill has its level of complexity, and at PSAT we will guide them through the process on how to be successful on each one of the skills. They will be introduced to jump serving, all defense techniques (diving, pancake, overhand dig, etc), jump setting, blocking (swing block), and different hitting approaches. Team play will allow our puma division student-athletes an opportunity to grow competitively, while applying skill-sets, IQ and team work. 

Pro Panther Division is for advanced student-athletes who are looking to better their knowledge, volleyball IQ and skill level. The focus is to build an elite volleyball player who can play at their full potential at all times. Training like a pro with the pros is more than just coming to practice. We will reinforce discipline, effort, commitment, hard work and consistency.  

For this division, we will have elite teams. Team play will allow our panther division student-athletes an opportunity to work on their competitiveness and being great teammates on and off the court.