Coach Jeremy Peters – Program Director

Post-Grad Conference & Academics  

Post-Grad programs are excellent choices for high school graduates that need an additional year before college to work on their skillsets and increase their college recruitment.  The Southwest Athletic Interscholastic Conference (SWAIC) is our official post-grad basketball conference. In our first year season (2021-2022) 5 of the 10 players on our post grad team went on to play college basketball.

Cost: $7500 (Pre-Season, In-Season & Post Season Player Development, Strength & Conditioning & Elite Training, and In-Season Sports Competition), $15,000 additional for those that need boarding. 

Athletes can also choose to take college courses during their post-graduate year but must take precaution not to take a full load of classes. According to NCAA guidelines, athletes must remain within the course load threshold of what each  individual college or university considers to be “part-time student” status so the athlete doesn’t unintentionally and/or prematurely start the NCAA clock.  For instance, if a particular junior college considered 12 hours to be a full load, an athlete will need to take no more than 11 hours of coursework in the fall and/or spring semesters, for a total of 22 hours max.  If a college considers 9 hours to be full-time, an athlete will need to take no more than 8 hours of college coursework per semester.


Professional Athletic Development 

For 2-3 hours each day our student-athletes will receive elite basketball development.  Footwork, game-situation skill work, offensive moves, defensive prowess, IQ, film sessions and intense practices will be a part of the daily life of our athletes, with attention to detail provided by our staff of former professional NBA and International pro players.

To enhance the sports performance our our athletes, athlete-specific sports nutritional programs will be designed and adhered to.  Sports-specific strength and conditioning programs will also be a part of the weekly regiment of our athletes.  Additional speed training twice a week will be implemented to give our athletes another layer of competitive advantage over other athletes vying for NCAA, NAIA & JUCO basketball scholarship opportunities.