Beginning Fall 2023, PSAT Academy will offer five exciting CTE pathways designed to jumpstart career interest and training for middle school and high school students. Cultivating and sustaining the development, creativity, imagination and  sustainable career interest in our youth is the future of America.  This is only the beggining of the PSAT CTE marathon. In the years to come, through strategic educational and cooperative partnerships, we hope to expand on our CTE offerings in the future to nuture the interest of more youth, as well as the ever changing global economy.  


Electric Vehicle Technician Certification Pathway
  • Complete EV Curriculum covering all aspects of EV technology
  • Students will learn the basic technologies of an EV by installing them on both a test bench and a vehicle
  • Students will work with new personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling required to build, maintain and service EVs
  • Stuentes will work with a variety of EV products to understand how new and differing technologies change an electric vehicles’s perfomance and efficiency.
  • Sudents will learn and practice safety, system fitment and configuration, EV system wiring and mounting, EV programming, EV testing and EV tuning
  • Students that complete the EV curriculum will have an opportunity to test and obtain their EV Technician Certification. EV technicians make and average of $58,000/yr.  
  • There are several areas within the EV field to go on and explore, like battery design, EV fleet mangament, EV diagnostics and performance specialist, EV motor design specialist,electrical engineer, etc.  
Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning Pathway
  • Entry level career-ready education and training for rewarding opportunities in AI/Machine Learning
  • Data preprocessing, Data Visualization, Supervised Learning, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Regression Algorithms, Clustering Algorithms, Dimensional Reduction techniques, PCA, t-SNE, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Q-Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Bias in AI, Privacy concerns with AI techology
  • Weekly help desk hours to keep our students creative juices flowing along their education journey, instead of bogged down for hours with coding errors
  • IT Industry mentoring and internship opportunites
  • Students that succesfully complete our program with mastery in advanced coding, AI and machine learning should be in a good position to earn $50,000/per year or more as entry-level data science specialist right out of high school.  Those with college degress and 1-3 years experience can earn over $125,000 per year as data scientists, machine learning developers, AI engineers, etc. 
Aviation Science and Technology Pathways
  • FAA approved curriculum in aviation science & technology
  • University & Industry parterships to enrich a student’s career aviation journey 
  • Opportunities to gain your pilots license and drone credentials before graduating high school
  • Scholarship oppotunities to attend avitaion programs after graduating high school
Neuroscience and Neurodiagnotics Pathway
  • Learn the fundamentals of the brain, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  • Become proficient in the acending and decending neurological pathways
  • Build a solid foudntaion in the field of neurodiagnostics (EEG, IOM, NCV, EMG, and EV)
  • Earn entry-level skillsets in neurodiagnostics 
Robotics and Advanced Coding Pathway
  • Become proficient coding from middle school to high school, mastering  Scratch, Raw Blocks, Python 1 & 2, JavaScript 1 & 2, and C# 1 & 2
  • Build and program complex robots
  • Compete around the country in robotics competitions 
  • Increase your chances of getting STEM & Robotics scholarships to universities 
  • Increase  your chances of participation in intensive summer internships in the field of robotics and machine learning 
  • Students that complete the Robotics curriculum will have an opportunity to test and obtain their Programmining and/or Technician Certification.