7v7 Football

7v7 Football has become the hottest things in football over the last few years, cosidered the AAU basketball version of Football. It has totally revolutionized football recruiting, athletic branding and exposure. Under the leadership of Coach Mike West, our football student-athletes will be able to benefit from a host of academic and athletic services that will help them land academic and athletic scholarships to universities all across the United States of America.  

The PSAT Brand

The PSAT Football brand places a primary focus on academics, in combination with the sport to increase the percentage of a post graduate career. Currently our student athletes will take classes either full time, or part time with PSAT. Our college football recruiting network is backed by a system that has produced nearly one thousand scholarship offers in the past five years. All program members will follow the blueprint which consist of lineman camps, the national 7v7 circuit, recruiting campus visits, athlete brand enhancement.

Future Prospect Division

Designed for beginner level, to advanced level sixth through eighth grade football prospects. The goal of this division is to ensure that each student athlete holistically has a solid foundation prior to the High School grade levels. We will also conduct social media intro training for all incoming Middle School prospects, this is one of the most challenging areas for most recruits/parents at these grade levels based on our experience. This will tremendously increase the chances of a football recruit receiving a scholarship. 

The High School Division

High School football division is a recruiting based program, every component of the system will be aligned with our process. The four cornerstones are athletic development, sports branding, recruiting consultation, and academic enhancement. We have developed a system that has produced nearly ten All Americans, fifty plus college football signees, and hundreds of scholarship offers. To summarize our brand identity, we are an academic first football program that equally prioritizes athletic performance. This method highly increases the chances for any High School student athlete with the goal of becoming a college football athlete.